Designed and made for Coronation Street

Even though, Hayley Hare Bridal make one off couture (made-to-order) wedding dresses, they do stock samples for potential clients to try on. These garments are featured on her website and it’s these designs that prompted the Head of Costume at Coronation Street to contact Hayley.

‘We were looking for a dress that would suit Sinead’s quirky character whilst fitting with the tragic storyline. The angel like quality of Hayley’s designs were exactly what we were searching for.’

(Alex Hatzar – Head of Costume, Coronation Street).

Hayley couldn’t believe it when she received the message that Coronation Street were interested in using her wedding dresses in the show. ‘It was such an exciting opportunity for me! I love the fact that Sinead’s style is alternative, like most of my designs and that she’s a seamstress just like me.’ (Hayley Hare)

The final design was a combination of sample garments from the Hayley Hare Bridal collection, together with the creative input from the Costume Department at Coronation Street, Hayley completed the outfit with a few extra details here and there.

Starting with the underlayer of the dress, Hayley likes to avoid corsets and boning, preferring a more relaxed, natural shape. The full length, silk charmeuse slip creates the perfect foundation for Sinead’s dress. Figure hugging but not tight, lightweight and luxurious next to the skin.  All aspects that epitomise the Hayley Hare Bridal brand.

The top layer of the dress combined of a silk organza bodice, which Hayley loves for it’s sheer, lightweight and delicate qualities. The skirt section of the dress is made of really soft tulle, one of Hayley’s favourite fabrics to work with, again for the same reasons. The shape of the skirt is called a circle design, it’s a shape she uses frequently, it’s really flattering as it creates fullness at the hem without adding bulk to the waist and hips.

Finally, they added a soft tulle cape (the same fabric used on the dress), a very popular wedding trend at the moment! After their initial fitting with Katie McGlynn (who plays Sinead) they decided to add a couple of extra layers to the cape, strengthening the overall ethereal theme.

The detail on the bodice and the cape complete the unique, angel like quality of the dress design.

‘The idea for the leaf applique just came to me one day... I’m always inspired by nature, every time I see leaves blowing in the breeze I’m imaging how I might incorporate them into my designs. In my head I’m always designing away. So, the detail on Sinead’s dress are little leaf shapes, each one constructed from eight layers of individually hand drawn and cut, tulle fabric. Each leaf shape is then sewn together.  I usually have an idea in my head before I begin arranging the leaf design, but then I just start pinning and the design emerges organically.’ (Hayley Hare)

‘It was an absolute delight working with Katie McGlynn and the Costume Department at Coronation Street, a huge highlight of my career thus far!’ (Hayley Hare)